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UNCSD-2012: Rich called upon to take responsibility for global environmental damage

How the rich can make the planet more sustainable – Munasinghe, Island
Now for ‘Millennium Consumption Goals’ – Inter Press Service, IPS
Green economy and MCG – UNCSD 2012 Sessions, Jan.2011
It’s Time for Millennium Consumption Goals – Erik, New American Dream
The Millennium Consumption Goals (MCG): a concrete proposal – Vergragt, Tellus
MCG as Consumption Choices
– Crone, Trailhead
Millennium Consumption Goals for the developed world – Jeremy Williams
Millennium Consumption Goals – CH
Climate scientists plan global consumption goals for the rich- German Council for Sustainable Development
Millennium Consumption Goals – Bottom Line
We need MCG for the rich – Pernsteiner, Presstext (German)
Dialogue on MCG
- CANSA Network Comments
Dialogue on MCG – Club of Rome Comments
Millennium goals for the rich? – China Dialogue
Support piles up for millennium consumption goals – Inter Press Service (IPS)
Millennium  consumption goals: a real and meaningful target for Rio+20 – OUTREACH, UNCSD
Earth Summit 2012 (Rio+20) could be a launch pad for Millennium Cons. Goals – Consumers Int.
Millennium Consumption Goals – Citizens Renaissance
More than you’ll ever need.. inside – Ulrike, Momentum
World’s wealthier countries should commit to 8 MCG by 2020 – Allen, TED
Millennium Consumption Goals for the rich? – Ufuoma, SISGI Group
How the middle income choose to consume is decisive for our ecology – Walpole, Ecology & Jesuits
Millennium Consumption Goals (MCG) – Wikibin
Personal MCG and Cultural Identity – Crone, Trailhead
Millennium consumption goals: a fair proposal from the poor to the rich – De Zoysa, CED
Millennium Consumption Goals Proposed – Hanley, Phoenix Star
Climate Alliance members to support Millennium Consumption Goals (MCG) – Climate Alliance, Europe
Millennium Consumption Goals: an Update - Erik Assadourian, Worldwatch Institute
Support Grows for Millennium Consumption Goals - SHARE the Worlds Resources
MCG: Some targets for the rest of us – Williams, PostGrowth
Enlightened self-interest is key to reducing consumption – Deutsche Welle News
Getting more with less: the sustainable revolution – Press Conf. UN Dept. of Public Info. Press Conf., NY.
Climate change as part of the post-2015 development agenda - Scott & Shepherd, ODI,  UK

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