Conferences and Meetings on MCG

Here are some meetings involving the MCG. If you hear of  any others, let us know at <>

Workshop on 7 March at UN in New York at UN PrepCom for UNCSD 2012 Conf.
Session on 15 March at PERL International Conference in Istanbul
Session on 5 May at Climate Alliance Conference in Munich (European Cities)
Session on 6 May at SUDWIND 20th anniversary conference in Bonn
Workshop on 6 May at UN in New York during CSD-19
Ministerial Session, High Level, on 12 May at UN in New York during CSD-19
Special Seminar on 24 May at Nobel Prize Institute in Oslo
Workshop on 26 May at SCI, Univ. of Manchester, UK
Green Economy Forum on 18 August, Central Environmental Authority, Sri Lanka
Special Workshop on 2 September at UN DPI Conf., Bonn
Session on 19 September at World Resource Forum in Davos

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2 Responses to Conferences and Meetings on MCG

  1. Chris Simoens says:

    I don’t see anything about the reduction of meat consumption (let’s say: halve). Quite crucial also! There are already data about this.

  2. Richard Laverack says:

    Dear Professor Munasinghe,

    I was delighted to read of your initiave recently, and feel it is a brilliant way to focus the worlds attention both on overconsumption in the “first” world and underconsumption in the “third” world.
    For 10 years I convened an environment group in Australia whose main focus was on the issue of sustainable consumption and production. I have followed the progress, or lack of progress might be more accurate, from Chapter 4 of Agenda 21, (Rio Earth Summit) which addresses the issue of the unsustainable level of consumption and production. I also took great interest in the Marrakesh Process initiated at the WSSD in 2002 which was supposedly the implementation plan.

    Living in Australia it was an exceedingly difficult task to try and get people focussed upon what they consumed when there is only just emerging the idea that emissions generation and consumption are directly related. Even though the Federal Government is set to introduce a Carbon Tax, there is a tsunami of opposition from the vested interests within Australia who are hell bent on digging up all the fossil fuel deposits they can and shipping them to any customer who will buy them. This is in the name of continued prosperity ! At present we have a continual stream of climate sceptics (Monckton, Lawson, Plimer, paid for by the mining industry) lecturing their confusion to a gullible broader community, so the legislation is by no means secure.

    However, that is by way of background, what I am writing to you about is an initiative which has just been introduced as legislation within Australia which you may not be aware of, it is called the Porduct Stewardship Scheme. I think you will be very interested in this so I am sending the URL of the Australian Government department that has overseen the new law. Strangely enough it was passed with bi partisan support ! despite the furore over a carbon tax.

    Basically it seems to provide a closed loop for t.v. and computer sales in Australia with manufacturers agreeing to “take back” products which they sell, this may well be the first legislation globally which impacts upon SCAP and, if so. it is something that I would be sure the 2012 conference in Rio would welcome hearing about.

    I will send this to your personnal email to ensure you hear of it.
    The URL is

    Thank you for your great initiative, who knows, I may even see you at Rio as I am considering making the trip there.

    Richard Laverack