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Climate Alliance Endorses MCGs

The Climate Alliance, a consortium of more than 1600 major cities, municipalities and districts in Europe, has endorsed the Millennium Consumption Goals (MCGs), which were introduced by Professor Munasinghe at the 2011 International Annual Conference in Munich. Further, in … Continue reading

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Millennium consumption goals (MCG) – how the rich can make the planet more sustainable

January 2011

Millennium consumption goals (MCG) could help make our development path more sustainable, by focusing on the 1.4 billion people in the richest 20 percentile of the world’s population. They consume over 80% of global output, or 60 times more than the poorest 20 percentile. Instead of viewing the rich as a problem, they should be persuaded to contribute to the solution. The MCG will complement the Millennium development goals (MDG) designed to help the world’s poor. The MCG need not be mandatory targets, but rather a set of benchmarks to be achieved by a combination of voluntary actions by sustainable consumers and producers, supported by enabling government policies.
Household consumption drives modern economies, but unsustainable consumption, production and resource exploitation have led to multiple crises that threaten the future survival of humanity. Climate change is now considered the ultimate threat multiplier which will exacerbate the formidable problems of development we already face – like poverty, hunger, illness, water and energy scarcities, and conflict. Continue reading

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